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Dot & Dab Contractors UK Company, Dot & Dab Services & Prices, Wigan, Manchester & North-West, Lancashire.

Dot Dab is generally a process used to stick plasterboard onto a masonary wall using small dabs of drywall adhesive. Upon completion of the dot & dab process, then you can move onto plastering & painting & even tiling the drywall boards to give the room a finished look.

If you are interested in our dot & dab services then be sure that the masonary wall you want dot dabbing is not a singular skin wall, whereas you may have trouble with damp spots and will have to settle for a stud partitioned wall instead, another one of our specialities.

We operate from Wigan, UK, but have done many contracted jobs in and around the Manchester area, and all across the north-west. We know the high standards that our customers need and we deliver it on a daily basis.

What is Dot & Dab?

Dot & Dab is the specialty of applying plasterboard to brick walls by using a special bonding compound that sticks the plasterboard to the wall. The bonding compound is applied to the wall in 'dabs' that look like dots (dot dab - see image) in which the plasterboard is applied over the top of the dabs ready to be either skimmed or joint taped.

Dot dabbing can be handy if your brick walls are offset, we can simply apply more dab to bring the plasterboard out to make the room as square and level as possible. Once the bonding compound has set then we are ready to either skim the board or joint tape the board to a finish, ready for painting.


Dot & Dab UK - We can take on both residential and commercial building work when it comes to needs for dot & dab services in the north-west UK

Dot & Dab North West - For more information about our services and what we can offer you then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dot & Dab Services - We aim to deliver results & take pride in our work - we can undertake many dot & dabbing contracts in and around the Eigan Borough area (and beyond)




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