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Metal Stud Partitioning Contractors UK Company, Services & Prices, Wigan, Manchester & North-West, Lancashire.

Metal Stud Partitioning has been an industry that has been around for some time. It is a basic sturcture of a 50mm metal stud covered with either 1 or 2 payers of plasterboard on each side of the stud. The center cavity can also be sound proofed by inserting a layer of fibreglass insulation. Metal Stud Partitioning UK

If you are interested in Metal Stud Partitioning UK services within the north-west of the UK, then you can contact us by telephoning 07402 776 887 (ask for Darren) or by emailing us at rigbykat@yahoo.co.uk.

The central cavity of the metal stud partitioned wall also makes an ideal hiding place for pipes and cables, therefore a stud partitioned wall is ideal for kitchens & offices, etc.

What is so good about metal stud partitioned walls?

Metal stud is by far much lighter than timber stud, easier to cut with a pair of tin-snips, and easier to fit. This will reduce the amount of time needed to fit a metal stud wall as compared to a timber stud wall. Fitting a metal stud wall is also much cleaner that fitting a timber stud wall as the workplace is not littered with shavings and bits of cuts.

Once the stud wall is in place then it can be fitted with door frames and plasterboards with gyproc drywall screws into the metal stud. The plasterboard can either be skimmed or joint taped to a finish and also insulated for sound proof and heating.

Equipment used (depending on contract work):

- 50mm Gypframe Standard Floor and Ceiling Channel
- 48 mm Gypframe C Stud
- Gyproc Lining Board
- Gyproc Drywall Screws
- Gyproc Wafer Head Drywall Screws

Metal stud partitioning is handy for splitting rooms into two. The 'false walls' can be insulated and plasterboarded to keep the walls soundproofed. Our metal stud partitioning contractors can take out contract work in both residential and industrial buildings.

Metal stud partitioning can be covered with 1 or 2 layers of plasterboard depending on the amount of soudnproofing needed in the building. For further soundproofing the central cavity can be filled with fibreglass insulation, another service that Nothern Dry Lining can offer.


Metal Stud Partitioners Contractors - Due to the sound reduction that sound-proofing has to offer makes metal stud partitions an ideal choice for homes

Metal Stud Partitioning Manchester - Metal stud partitions are easilly constructed due to their lightweight design and easy to assemble structures.

Metal Stud Partitioning North-West - a cost-effective solution suitable for all ranges of buildings, from residential to commercial developments and renovations.



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