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Suspended Ceilings Contractors UK Company, Suspended Ceilings Services & Prices, Wigan, Manchester & North-West, Lancashire.

The primary focus on suspended ceilings is the fact that a suspended ceiling can hide electrical wiring, pipe-work & air conditioning that has taken place above it. The sound-proofing that suspended ceiling offers is better than actual drywall ceilings, and you can add extra sound-proofing by installing a layer of fibreglass insulation above the ceiling.

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The second focus for a suspended ceiling is the actual design it brings to any room that is being renovated, or for first time installation. The nice finish decorative look is very eye pleasing, as just about any type of suspended ceiling would give off this effect to any room.

What is a suspended ceiling?

A suspended ceiling is a secondry ceiling that is hung below the main ceiling. They are commonly also referred to as a 'false ceiling' or a 'drop ceiling'. They are generally hung from ceiling joists with a metal grid, thus creating a cavity between the suspended ceiling and the proper ceiling. Within this space you can hide cables, pipes and ductwork.

General materials needed:

- Eyehooks & Runners
- Hanger Wire
- Cross Tees
- Wall Molding
- Ceiling Tiles
- Molding Nails
- Lighting Fixtures

A suspended ceiling is open to many benefits. Rather than just looking nice, they can accomodate lights, act as a sound barrier (soundproofing), and are very lightweight so is easier to fit than heavy duty ceiling fittings such as plasterboard. Ceiling tiles come in many shapes, sizes and colours to add to the decor.

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